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"For the publication of your best advertisements"

  • Luxury villas, chalets and beautiful properties
  • Prestigious apartments, lofts or penthouses ...

Upscale Property offers 3 packages with the possibility of changing the ads, at no extra charge, for 1 year if the property is sold.
For quick sales and for a period of one month, you can benefit from a package called "HIGHLIGHT" located on the front page, large and very visible formats to facilitate sales.

Our site benefiting from:

  • a very significant domain name
  • a very nice presentation, at the height of the most beautiful real estate ads on the market
  • a practical and simple search, with an initial sorting by region, then by order of price
  • strong referencing on search engines, in France and internationally
  • support from social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin
  • of real distinction, taking advantage of a selection of the finest listings, preferring few goods but of very good quality
  • a translation and a good referencing also in English

Your advantages as real estate sellers:

  • to be able to display your top-of-the-range ads on a truly specialized site
  • to benefit from excellent visibility in France and internationally
  • to benefit from an incomparable natural referencing performance
  • in each of your advertisements, there is a link to your professional file (seller's presentation sheet)
  • your professional file containing photos, your contact details, your geolocation and links to your website or your social networks

For more informations or to put in touch with our sales representatives