Home Line

6 agencies specializing in the sale of new programs!
Located in the cities of Grenoble, Lyon, Chambéry, Annecy and Annemasse.

With 3 key words:

Simplicity - Make the purchase of new real estate as easy as possible
Efficiency - Working as a team to serve you better
The collective - A network of handpicked partners

For more than 10 years, Home Line has been the marketer of new real estate, leader in Rhône-Alpes.
The service is aimed at buyers who buy to live in or for tax exemption. Help individuals find and choose their new main residence, or to select the best new rental investment ".
Agency clients find their ideal new property with unprecedented speed and efficiency, thanks to access to all developers, but through a single contact.
With an almost obvious desire: "to put quality back at the heart of real estate buying at a time when traditional agencies only judge their clients by volume".

Home Line presents its most beautiful new programs on top-of-the-range property!
Discover now:

    An exceptional new T5 duplex in Villeurbanne bordering Lyon 3rd (69)
    A very beautiful new T4 in Attica in Aix-les-Bains (73)
    New T4 in Duplex in Divonne-les-Bains (01)

Transaction fees:
Promoter direct sale - contacts opposite for more information


Agence de Grenoble
15 avenue Jeanne d’Arc
38100 Grenoble
Tel : 04 86 67 17 57

Agence de Chambéry

42 Rue Pré Demaison
73000 Chambéry
Tel : 04 86 67 17 57

Agence d'Annecy

Impasse de La Ravoire
74370 Epagny
Tel : 04 86 67 17 57


Agence de Lyon
19 Quai Perrache
69002 Lyon
Tel : 04 28 70 09 70

Agence d'Annemasse

+ Pays de Gex
8 Rue des Tournelles
74100 Annemasse
Tel : 04 86 67 17 57

Siège Social

3 boulevard Clemenceau
38100 Grenoble
Tel : 04 86 67 17 57

Site : home-line.fr